VMCL Beta 1



VMCL is the first free high availability software for VMware environment, It's based on famous Linux-HA cluster software.
It manages virtual machines failover when a physical host crashes
VMCL has a feature actually not available in any other commercial product: it decides which available physical host has to start faulty virtual machines depending on specific parameters (free memory, CPU usage) to be respected and considering a defined priority.

The whole thing is based on a quorum disk (a VMDK formatted ext3) created for every physical host, where every virtual machine configuration file (.vmx) is copied and synchronized.

When a physical host is faulty VMCL will decide which remained physical host has to mount faulted host quorum and to start which virtual machine.


Documentation coming soon

For heartbeat documentation refer to web site http://linux-ha.org

This is a BETA 1 don't use in production enviroment

DOWNLOAD PAGE: vmcl BETA 1 Download Now