VMCL is the first free high availability software for VMware environment.
It manages virtual machines failover when a physical host crashes
VMCL has a feature actually not available in any other commercial product: it decides which available physical host has to start faulty virtual machines depending on specific parameters (free memory, CPU usage) to be respected and considering a defined priority (note: not yet implemented).

The whole thing is based on some file present inside one of shared vmfs  volumes

When a physical host is faulty VMCL will decide which remained physical host has to mount faulted host quorum and to start which virtual machine.


DOWNLOAD PAGE: vmcl2 Download Now

Note for beta1 please click here

Documentation coming soon

Find the installer file vmcl2.0.0.tar.gz in the directory where you downloaded it now copy to the /tmp directory or another directory of your choice.
Become root.
su -
Unpack the tar archive.
tar zxf vmcl2.0.0.tar.gz
Change to the directory where the archive was unpacked.
cd vmcl2
Run the installer.
follow the instuction


Run the installer with the parameter --remove.


This is a RC1 please be carefully to use it in a production environment



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