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vmbk.pl Version 2.22.2 rev 6
by Massimiliano Daneri
email: support@vmts.net


Version 2.22.2 rev 6

  • fix a problem with syslog (thx to Neustifter Jürgen)

Version 2.22.2 rev 5

  • add support for mediapools on legato networker (ths to Flier)
  • add support for 2 disks with same name

Version 2.22.2 rev 4

  • fix a problem with Legato networker configuration file
  • fix a problem on configuration script smbmountpoint (thx Marton)

Version 2.22.2 rev 3

  • add support to Tivoli Storage Manager (Special Thanks to olaf loken)

Version 2.22.2 rev 2

  • fix a problem with netbackup options when the log file is not defined
  • change as REDO.REDO works now add redo.redo before commit (so it's more speed)
  • Fix a problem vith move from temp when file contain name (thx Steini)
  • Fix a problem vith free space calculation and check (thx Steini)

Version 2.22.2 rev 1

  • add support for syslog -y option
  • fix a problem with Upcase inside password and mount point
  • correct a english language error on restore script :) (thx Jamie Abbott)

Version 2.22.1 rev 7

  • fix mail print encoding (Thx Jeff)
  • fix mail send procedure
  • fix a problem with netbackup file list
  • fix a problem with restore script without configuration file (thx Fingergottes)

Version 2.22.1 rev 6

  • add new -g option (zip instead of tar)
  • add samba and nfs mount point parameter
  • new %none% value for predirname option (don't use pre-directory name)
  • add mount point for samba and nfs mount
  • add master serv to netbackup
  • removed -V option now verify automatically if a vmfs volume is a destination directory
  • verify the presence of external programs (veritas , legato, tar ,.....)
  • add 2 new parameter to smtp (encoding and html)

Version 2.22.1 rev 5

  • fix a problem with ftp password with special char
  • add support to Legato NetWorker
  • change command line parameter parser
  • fix various problem with ftp and tar (thx Eskil Moe for testing)

Version 2.22.1 rev 4

  • rewrite ftp procedure now use ncftp client instead ftp perl module , now support ftp subdirectory + ftp temp file (-7 option) + flat directory (-m option)
  • add new 2 options -Q create a tar.gz file one for each disk inside a unique guest directory . -q create a tar.gz for each vm guest
  • remove -T option
  • fix smb mount and umount procedure

Version 2.22.1 rev 3

  • rewrite clean destination directory (fix various problem about file delete)
  • check destination directory,  if it's writable
  • add vmx option backup.mode="redoredo" for redo.redo mode commit mode

Version 2.22.1 rev 2

  • add vmx backup support to netbackup

Version 2.22.1 rev 1

  • fix a problem with restore script (VMKFSTOOLS not found) (thx Rotti)
  • fix a problem with VM with more than 1 disk and suspend option selected (thx Rotti)
  • fix a problem with chmod on restore command
  • add new question to restore script
  • add experimetal support for double level of redo (thx Clive)
  • add view of backup.session if different by default
  • add log ratation 9 version named .x where x is version number

Version 2.22.0 rev 6

  •  fix a problem wth restore script when guest name contain space (thx Herbert Phil)

Version 2.22.0

  • fix a problem with ftp timeout parameter(tkx Neustifter Jürgen)
  • add show elapsed time between proccess backup
  • add Veritas Netbackup support (add new -B option)
  • add -x option virtual machine vmx files comma separated
  • fix a problem with suspend and powered off guest
  • fix a problem when inside vmbk configuration file isn't present passive or timeout
  • fix a problem with suspend file copy
  • add new option runonstart and runonstop allow to exec an external command before each guest as been backuped
  • fix a problem with guest backup powered off
  • add a new smtp encode parameter
  • add new config option runonstart and runonstop
  • fix a problem when session name include capital letters
  • fix a problem with -T option (delete root file)

Version 2.21.8

  • fix a problem with smb and nfs mount (version 2.21.7)
  • add new parameter to ftp connection (timeout default = 20 sec)
  • fix a problem with uppercase ftp password check if a vmfs volume has a alias name with spa (return a warning)
  • fix a problem with tar.gz file name
  • fix a problem with soft power command (stop and suspend)
  • fix a problem with interactive mode during vm power display

Version 2.21.7

  • fix a problem with nfs mount when the mount point have uppercase letter
  • fix a email problem when you use more than 2 recipients
  • fix a bug in ftp password
  • fix a double help visualization with -h option
  • fix a problem with suspend guest
  • Add new parameters -2 (and forcedismount = true|false on configuration file) force dismount of destination directory before mount (only works with -s and -n option)
  • Add new parameters -R (raw mode) use vmkfstools (raw mode more faster) instead of cp
  • Add backup and restore of VMSS file (suspend file)
  • Add new option for backup.mode = stop|suspend|redo|softstop|softsuspend

Version 2.21.6

  • add variable on configuration file %hostname%, %date%, %time%
  • fix a problem with email sent to multiple address (separate email with ; )
  • fix a problem with configuration file contain  uppercase letter on ftp/samba password and destination directory (thanks to Brian Murtari)
  • fix a problem with guest name containing space + minor fix (Thanks to Bruno Tremblay)
  • Add support to scsi-passthru-rdm and scsi-nonpassthru-rdm
  • add new option to configuration file "predirname" equivalent to -5 option

Version 2.21.5

  • Minor change to support the new plainDisk type  (thanks to Matt Pound)
  • Some new visual feedback ( thanks to Herrmann Scott )
  •  Add on email subject the total number of error and warning encounter during backup
  •  fix a problem with restore script

Version 2.21.4

  • Add transfer ESX backup by ftp
  • fix a path problem with mount and umount when used with cron
  •  fix check on destination directory (thanks to Flores)
  •  Fix error on guest enumeration if the number of guest is 1

Version 2.21.3

  • fix another problem with vmbk.pl execute from cron rewriting check space procedure and mount (don't use more diskfree.pm)
  • fix a problem with tar when using name with space
  • new option backup.mode = stop|suspend|redo
  • new -C file configuration parameters add option -F - backup host server configuration

Version 2.21.1

  • fix a problem with vmbk.pl executed by cron
  • fix a problem with restore command
  • add option -F - backup host server configuration

Version 2.21.0

  •  fix a problem with scsix:y.backup=manual in vmx configuration
  •  fix a time out problem while commit redo with large dsk file see also -6 option (thanks to Eric Taneda)
  •  add new VMX parameters backup.session
  •  add new check of guest status (check for vm guest question and answer it)
  •  Add -b option Backup session per default is 'default' (use vmx parameter 'backup.session'=name)
  •   Add -T option tar.gz destination file using directory
  •  Add option -J check minimum space on VMFS partition for allow REDO file adding
  •  Add option -6 to set timeout , default 60000 ms (1min)
  •  Add option -v to set guest to backup using "vm number order" separed by comma
  •  Add -V option to force handle destination directory like a VMFS volume

Version 2.20.2

  •  fix a problem with scsix:y.backup=manual in vmx configuration
  •  rewrite mount procedure (add check for mount already present, if present skip mount)
  •  fix a problem with smb mount (thanks to Jae Ellers for reporting)
  •  Add option -5 set pre name of destination directory (default 'vm-')
  •  Add option -j check minimum space on destination directory

Version 2.20.1

  •  Rewrite of restore cmd procedure - now interactive
  •  Export on VFMS partition is possible (using -z option - cp instead of vmkfstools)
  • CMOS file is saved with name of guest (fix problem with flat mode)

Version 2.20

  •  fix : if VM isn't backup don't save CMOS and VMX file
  •  fix : if VM isn't backup don't create directory
  •  fix : a problem on restore command with directory with space (thanks to Michael Bittner)
  •  only one restore script if more than a DSK is present (thanks to Stefan Höfner)
  •  change security on restore command from 777 to 750
  •  send report to email
  •  save log to file TEXT or HTML

Version 2.16

  •  add -7 option FTP passive mode (thanks to Daniel Belz)
  •  add -c create restore command on export directory
  •  add -n export disk in flat mode(same directory)
  •  fix error : delete file present in home dir, if vmbk.pl fail
  •  fix error : if more than one dsk is present only the 1st one is transfer on ftp

Version 2.15

  •  correct problem with esx 2.01 (2.1 don't have this problem) with no diskmode definition (scsix:y.mode not present)
  •  now if option is not present persistent use x default
  •  Now Ftp save also CMOS e VMX/CFG file

Version 2.14

  •  add scsix:y.backup option
  •  add delay on umount function

Version 2.13

  •  Skip raw disk if vm running
  •  modified scirpt structure

Version 2.12

  •  Ftp bug fix
  •  Debug modified
  •  Version 2.11
  •  Bug Fix

Version 2.1

  •  Add support to undoable nonpersistent disk
  •  Add backup vm config file

Version 2.0

  •  Add support to vmhba partition without label
  •  Version 1.91
  •  Add support to ftp
  •  Add chose to select from dsk to vmdk
  •  Add option to hide header show

Version 1.90

  • first public version


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