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Backup script for VMWare ESX :

What is vmbk ?
It's a perl script procedure to permit VMWare ESX  guest's hot backup.

How it works?
It uses the ESX functions in order to create a REDO LOG Disk ,in order to allow the backup of the disk through
VMFSTOOLS command.

Perl script
Hot Backup (without suspend vm guest)
Schedule Backup
Interactive Backup
NFS support
SMB support
FTP support
Virtual Center support
Backup vmx + cmos file
Create restore interactive command script
Support for undoable and raw disk
Veritas NetBackup direct support

What's New

Installation script
vmbk-cron.sh see note


# Version 2.22.2
#rev 6
# fix a problem with syslog (thx to Neustifter J├╝rgen)
#rev 5
# add support for mediapools on legato networker tks to Flier
# add support for 2 disks with same name
#rev 4
# fix a problem with Legato networker configuration file
# fix a problem on configuration script smbmountpoint (thx Marton)
#rev 3
# add support to Tivoli Storage Manager (Special Thanks to olaf loken)
#rev 2
# fix a problem with netbackup options when the log file is not defined
# change as REDO.REDO works now add redo.redo before commit (so it's more speed)
# Fix a problem vith move from temp when file contain name (thx Steini)
# Fix a problem vith free space calculation and check (thx Steini)


DOWNLOAD PAGE: ESX Backup script: vmbk.pl Version 2.22.2 rev.6 Download Now

Find the installer file vmbk.tar.gz in the directory where you downloaded it and copy it to the /tmp directory or another directory of your choice.
Become root.
su -
Unpack the tar archive.
tar zxf vmbk.tar.gz
Change to the directory where the archive was unpacked.
cd vmbk
Run the installer.

Follow the installation note new vmbk.pl version overwrite old one (no configuration file will be overwrite)


You need to run the installer only to permit the copy of the MIME::Lite.pm  standard Perl module (you can find it on CPAN
If you don't want use install script , you have to do:
copy Lite.pm  to /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/MIME/
if destination directory don't exist create it.
DiskFree.pm is not more used 

You find other 2 file vmbk-default.conf  and vmbk-cron.sh

  • vmbk-default.conf   is a simple configuration file for vmbk.pl (use -C option)
  • vmbk-cron.sh is a cron file that  allow a  scheduled backup , simply change scheduling time (for info how to use crontab) and copy to /etc/crond.

    Cron configuration
    vi /usr/local/bin/vmbk-cron.sh  #change schedule time
    cp /usr/local/bin/vmbk-cron.sh /etc/cron.d/vmbk-cron.sh
    chmod 755 /etc/cron.d/vmbk-cron.sh
    touch /etc/cron.d/vmbk-cron.sh

    Note  before to use inside a cron job remember to terminate the vmbk.pl line command with "> /dev/null 2>&1"

    vmbk-cron.sh content

#copy on directory /etc/crond and configure /usr/local/etc/vmbk-default.conf
1 2 * * * root /usr/local/bin/vmbk.pl -C /usr/local/etc/vmbk-default.conf > /dev/null 2>&1





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