VMBK v2.22.2 Rev.6

VDF+ Manual
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vdf+ Version 2.0
by Massimiliano Daneri
email: support@vmts.net


Version 2.0 rev 1

  • add ESX 3.x support
  • add man page

Version 1.2 rev 2

  • fix a problem with -P and -l options
  • fix some problem with --long-name options and short name used at the same time
  • add Getopt::Long::Configure("no_ignore_case") to distiguish between lowercase and uppercase options

Version 1.2 rev 1

  • Add support for --long-names options (thx to Manon Goo)
  • Add support for multiple -t and -x options (thx to Manon Goo)

Version 1.0.1

  • first public version


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