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vdf+ - VMware ESX Server df utility based on vdf VMWare© utility  :

What is vdf+ ?
It's a perl script procedure to show mounted device including VMFS formatted device

How it works?
It's work like standard df unix

DOWNLOAD PAGE: VMware ESX Server df utility Download Now

Find the installer file vdf+.tar.gz in the directory where you downloaded it and copy it to the /tmp directory or another directory of your choice.
Become root.
su -
Unpack the tar archive.
tar zxf vdf+.tar.gz
Change to the directory where the archive was unpacked.
cd vdf+
Run the installer.


Run the installer with the parameter --remove.
./install.sh --remove


You can choose to use always vdf+ instead of standard VMWare vdf, the setup will ask to you for this


This version work only with ESX 3.x if you need a ESX 2.x version click here



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