25 April 2005 - 1° Beta Release

Release date of first public version : 25/04/05

DOWNLOAD the 1° Beta Version

Note: If you have problem with minime logon please try to use the user  test with no password

What is the difference between MiniMe and Virtual Center

1) Minime support ESX GSX  and Microsoft Virtual Server
2) Minime don't support at the moment VMotion (instead support movement of suspend guest )
3) Minime support HOT  Backup and restore 
3) Minime support "Standby cluster"
4) Minime support dynamic creation of REDO LOG disk
5) Minime add a more detailed guest configuration
6) Minime support various authentication service (LDAP , Active Directory , SMB )



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This image represent the screenshot of the next beta

Host Data

Guest Device Definition

Guest Data

List of Guest

New Server

Redo Management