.vmx Parameters



  • monitor_control.disable_apic= "TRUE" |"FALSE"
    Disable VM APIC (interupt) Mode
  • workload="TerminalServices"
    Enable support for Windows Terminal Service e Metaframe
  •  tools.syncTime= "TRUE" |"FALSE"
    Enable/Disable Time Synchronization
  • keyboard.typematicMinDelay = ┬Ás
    Delay auto repeat
  • autostart="poweron"
    Autostart VM when ESX start
  • tools.remindInstall = "FALSE" |"TRUE"
    Turning Off Warning about VMware Tools Version
  • autostart.delay="n"
    Wait n seconds before to start
  • autostop="poweroff" | "poweron"
    Autostop VM when ESX stop
  • Gui.ExitOnCliHlt= "TRUE" |"FALSE"
    Wait n seconds before to stop
  • autostop="poweroff" | "poweron"
    Autostop VM when ESX stop
  • autostop.delay="n"
    Wait n seconds before to stop
  • gui.restricted = "TRUE" |"FALSE"
    restrict user access to the GUI edit
  • logging = "FALSE"
    Disabling Logging for a Virtual Machine Created by ESX Server
  • log.filename = logfile
    Changing the Virtual Machine's Log File Location on a GSX Server for Linux Host or ESX Server System
  • gui.maxconnection = "n"
    Set n console max connection
  • svga.noOffscreen ="TRUE" | "FALSE"
    enables/disables the off-screen display buffer for a VM





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