VPM Quick Start Guide




Installation steps


  • Select the destination folder

  • Start the installation

  • Congratulation you finish the setup wizard

  • Now go to Start and find on start menu VMTS Patch Manager and launch it

  • Now you are ready for the VMTS Patch Manager Wizard
    click Next

  • Here, you can define the default user allowed to connect to your ESX server.
    You can choose to use the root user or another one.
    You are not enforced to use a default use, instead you can choose to use a user and a password for each server.
    Note: If you choose a non root user all ssh session will be done from the specified user, followed by su - command, so you have to digit the root password also

  • You have to set your IP address from the combo box, you can choose the automatic startup also.

  • Now the most important setting, the proxy configuration, here you can choose between ----Autodetect: use the wpad dns record
    -Manually: you set the proxy address
    -No Proxy:  direct connection
    -Use IE configuration: use the default IE configuration
    Note: Use IE Configuration and Autodetect doesn't keep user and password settings, you can use it only if your proxy support NTML settings or your proxy doesn't require authentication

  • Congratulation you just finish the wizard, now you continue with the Virtual Center logon

  • Well done now try to connect to your Virtual Center
    Note: your account have to be an administrator

  • Now you are connected.
    On your left you can see your ESX host on the right the ESX patch installed on your host
    Note: you have to click the update button before you can see something like this.
  • End Part1

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